Compose a 1250 words assignment on claudes monet water lilies and david alfaro siqueiros echo of a scream. Needs to be plagiarism free! The present research has identified that David Alfaro Siqueiros’ Echo of a Scream was painted against the backdrop of “Prolific cultural activity that arose in Mexico in the decades of the 20th century. It established a proper comparison to the artistic blossoming that Italy experienced in the 15th century”. In a way, David Alfaro Siqueiros’ Echo of a Scream was painted in the midst of Mexico’s Renaissance just like Da Vinci painted his Mona Lisa at the height of Renaissance. The difference however that unlike in Italy where Renaissance flourished due to the economic prosperity and peace during that time, Echo of a Scream was painted by Siqueiros’ activism against the dictatorship Francisco Franco and Mexico was not in peace. The painting obviously depicts a scene after a destructive war where a baby is crying and another head of a baby is enlarged which is similarly crying. One can infer that the baby is crying for the human loss brought about by the fascist regime of Francisco Franco. Monet’s Water Lilies may not evoke the same loss or sorrow that Siqueiros Echo of a Scream evokes but it still bears the same activism that David Alfaro Siqueiros’ Echo of a Scream has. Monet’s impressionism through his Water Lilies is actually an activist against the rigidity and rules ridden method of classical painting which the Impressionists thought of, to a certain extent, as fascist.