A historic crisis happened in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown that left several students dead and others severely injured. According to the area police chief, the staff of the schools responded appropriately in managing the crisis. The staff members and the security teams had tried all means to mitigate the shooting though it all ended in vain. An interview with a victim, nine year old, revealed that the shooter started by ordering all the occupants in the class to lie down before starting to shoot on them. The spokesperson at the incident was the school’s chair of the board. The chairman explained how the incidents caught everyone unaware since no one would have expected a student can cause such a crisis. Actually, the response from the chairman made it simple for all the stakeholders to understand the follow of events that caused the crisis. The public and the parents were made to understand how the staff tried to prevent the incident from getting to catastrophic levels. The spokesperson drove the crowd and the members of the press to a mutual reasoning session and everybody understood that the matter was complicated to handle since the assailant had planned the attack very technically. The information acquired from the spokesman was clear for the public to understand the root cause of the crisis. In addition, the students were allowed to give information regarding the security system to the press. In response, the spokesperson was not bias in revealing the security threats facing the institution.&nbsp.