To begin with, two of the four articles have used the survey method to collect data and this section compares and contrasts these two articles. It also looks into the nature of the questions that have been used in the studies. The survey data in article A consists of a pretest survey and a post-test survey (Jing & Yong, 2007). The pretest survey included four sections. The first section was demographic information such as grade, and gender. The second section asked questions about current technology use, such as ‘how much time do the students spend on working on computers every day.’ The questions in the two sections were close-ended multiple-choice questions. Section four was about student academic outcomes and students were asked to report their GPA. The final section was on students’ technology uses and how often they worked using technology. The questions in this section were offered as Likert scale questions “on a scale of 1–4 (with 1 indicating “not at all” and 4 indicating “very much/often”)” (Jing & Yong, 2007, p.287). The post-test survey was administered at the end of the academic year and involved all sections in the pretest survey. A set of new questions were added to the posttest&nbsp.survey on student technology uses.&nbsp.