Drug abuse, drug dealing, and drug-related crimes–news associated with prohibited drugs–have become part of the regular information reported in television nightly news in magazines and in newspapers. Such topics have tremendously proliferated in different media that hearing such sorts of news appeared to be some usual occurrences for those apathetic ones and alarming for those who chose of becoming concerned citizens of the nation. The foretold news, for one, is a depiction of a report related to drug cases. Based on the surrounding circumstances, it is safe to assume that one of the motivators of gangsters to committing robbery and murder was the side-effects of drugs. It could be that they were under the influence of drugs when they performed the deviant behaviours, or it was also possible that deviant behaviours were performed out of their increased desire for a higher dosage of drugs. It can be argued, therefore, that while drug abuse is a crime itself, such action also breeds deviant behaviours.