Compose a 1250 words assignment on historical development of the mass media. Needs to be plagiarism free! The BBC radio was established in1922 as the only radio programme in the UK.&nbsp. Consequently, the trend continued and in 1967, the BBC established three networks that had regional programmes incorporated (Hub pages 1).&nbsp. In 1973, local stations were also licensed by IBA Independent Broadcasting Authority and could cover only certain regions, and only one station was allowed in a particular area.&nbsp. Despite the efforts, illegal radios also existed that could broadcast pop music to young people. Nowadays the radios have got different forms i.e. the analog and the digital radio stations are now available. The radios broadcast different things and feature in different niches. The BBC is still the most popular radio station since they have captured and diversified their programmes to capture a wide range of audience. The current state of the media industry is promising. This is because there has been a tremendous growth in the industry over the years.&nbsp. The growth of the digital reporting and the development of content sharing of the local news and the development of a digital video have boosted the industry (Pew Research Journalism project 1).&nbsp. Additionally, the current media has provided the audience with the latest news on investments, ownership trends, and the latest economic news. When compared to last year and this year the state of the media has now become more pronounced (Pew Research Journalism project 1). The current trend of today’s media is towards digitalization of every single ad, news or any information. Nowadays the world has become a global village with the use of the digital media. information can be transmitted from one region to another within seconds.