The runner may be more acutely sensitive to pain and/or discomfort due to the fact that he may not be accustomed to many of the aches and pains that an older patient must deal with on a daily basis (Thorpe et al 2011, p. 217). As such, the younger patient may be more able to sense even the slightest discomfort that he may experience during the course of daily activities (Weaver et al 2012, p. 240). Moreover, the osteopath would need to be acutely aware of the fact that due to the activity level and overall bone density that the active exerciser would engender, the osteopathic needs and treatments would therefore greatly vary from those that would be required by a more elderly patient with a much lower activity level (Tenta et al 2011, p. 343). Furthermore, any type of physical therapy that may be required would need to take into account that the youthful and healthy 25 year old would require far less healing time with regards to any issue that they would require treatment of than would a more elderly patient would require (Michalek et al 2011, p. 33).