If we talk about the customers or clients of Amazon, we can say that Amazon holds a large number of customers all over the world. Amazon is a retailing company, which provides people with their desired products at their doorsteps. People like to explore the websites of such companies, which facilitate people in buying different kinds of products. Amazon has a large number of customers who prefer to use its cloud computing and web hosting services. Some of those customers include pharmaceutical companies, banks, financial organizations, telecommunication companies, and educational organizations. Apart from these customers, there are also some other customers who want to run their data through hosted services. Such customers also make use of Amazon’s cloud computing services to run their data online in a secure manner. As Kambil (2009) states, “cloud computing promises to provide various information services at a lower cost and change the model of capitalizing IT investment for software entrepreneurs and businesses.” Some people also make use of S3 and EC2 to host their domains and blogs. Other than such customers, there are a number of customers of Amazon, who buy electronic products and furniture using the services of Amazon.com.