Macbeth decided to murder Duncan, who was the king, though he was afraid to carry out this. Lady Macbeth-his wife convinced him to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth fundamentally encouraged Macbeth to kill Duncan. This made Macbeth a conspirator in killing Duncan. Lady Macbeth only talked about the killing of Duncan but lacked the guts to carry out the act. Lady Macbeth reiterated that Duncan resembled her dad. That was the main excuse she gave to have Macbeth do the act. Lady Macbeth, instead, convinced Macbeth to kill the king so that he could no longer wait to have the throne in his hands. He decided to do as Lady Macbeth had advised him. Lady Macbeth found herself in extreme guilt after committing the crime. Lady Macbeth is, indeed, an important character in the play because she represented a wicked woman who drove her husband into the land of sins.