Compose a 1750 words assignment on geography. Needs to be plagiarism free! Bonnett provides the readers with a comprehensive understanding of the geography discipline. No single phrase gives the exact definition of the term geography as a discipline covering both modernity and ancient. The author examines various challenging assumptions regarding the idea of geography and argues that the term geography can never be definite and accurate because the ideas are both ancient and modern. From the viewpoint of the author, geography is ‘the world discipline’ and ‘one of the humanity’s big ideas’. Bonnett’s layout of this book is well-structured into three main parts that include, the challenging assumptions, geography in the context of a globalizing world, and the three fundamental aspects of geography. The vision of geography holds as the most useful subject for a globalizing world. To ensure an all-inclusive coverage, Bonnett considered a range of previous research works to define the term ‘geography’ in different ways. He concludes that there is still little evidence documentation supporting modern geography, which opens up new scope for further research.Catling outlines ideas in this book that are relevant in the current academic world because few studies had addressed the perceptions of trainee teachers about the term ‘geography’ at that particular point in time. Training geography not only entails understanding the subject but also a conception of the reasons for such training. As the title indicates, this paper tries to explore the concepts of geography maintained by school trainee teacher in England.