It then becomes a question about whose responsibility it is for the lives lost through water sanitation issues. Survey shows that for every single year, over 3.4 million people lose their lives due to water, sanitation issues, and hygiene-related reasons, while about 780 million people have no access to an improved water source at a ratio of 1: 9 people (“Water Facts: Water,” 2012). Accessibility to clean water gives any living thing ability to acquire purified safe water, for their hygiene and health consumption. There are so many sources of water. naturally like rainwater, springs, wells boreholes, and other large water bodies, but that does not make them clean as much as some are freshwater bodies. Much of these types of water sources can be used for all other functions, but are unsafe for any living organism’s health hygiene, and consumption. Clean water needs treatment against any form of water pollution from the environment. Society needs clearly laid infrastructure that ensures clean and safe water, through the pipes and adequate systems of water treatment plants, delivering treated tapped water to the right destinations.