Lawler traces the origin of mass behaviour to the 19th-century French writer, Gustave le Bon who gave several characteristics of the crowd that seem to continue even in the current century. In the article, Lawler addresses the fact that a strong psychological element plays a critical role amongst protestors (Angrist 2013, 547-553). Lawler thinks that women of Paulsgrove would have succeeded in their quest without making their action appear as those ones for the mob. He argues that media representation pathologized women in many ways including constituting them as a mob and that they were likely to be involved in the mob (Eltahawy 2012, 64-70). Lawler thinks that media coverage of the event saw women rendered as suspects, “pathologized” in many ways including lack of rationality, displaying the wrong amount and kind of femininity and further portrayed as bad mothers (Nnadi 2012, pp. 48-56).