Compose a 2000 words assignment on how tibor kalman did his designing work and how he utilized his creativity. Needs to be plagiarism free! The author of the paper tells how Tibor dropped out for journalism classes. Before joining the journalism classes, he had spent a year picking cotton in Cuba then returned to the US in 1971. Kalman created window displays for a New York University student book exchange which impressed the owner dearly. The owner was known as Leonard Riggio. Later on, he was appointed as the supervisor of the bookstore’s in-house design department by Riggio. This marked his baby steps in his works as an author. Later in the year 1979, Kalman, Carol Bokuniewicz and Liz Trovato came together and established the design, M & Co. firm that faired very well in the field. Kalman left as the supervisor as he proved dissatisfactory. The firm did a lot of corporate work for clients who were diverse including the Limited Corporation, the new wave group and so on. In the early 1990s, on top of that, Kalman was also known to have worked with the interview magazines as the creative director. This shows how advanced he was and unique when it came to works of creativity. Perhaps it is one of the traits that contributed to his success in the field of designs (Tibor Kalman). Later on, the Benson sponsored Colors magazine sought his expertise as the founding editor-in-chief and this led to Kalman dissolving the M & Co. firm back in the year 1993 to solely and devotedly work on the magazine, thus he relocated to Rome. He made an effort of moving his family to Rome due to the zeal he had towards working for Colors. The Colors worked with the motto that stated, ‘A magazine about the rest of the world’. With this respect, it narrowed down and focused on multiculturalism and international awareness. It was, therefore, one very important magazine on an international level and was well recognized even externally. Therefore, working here meant Kalman’s growth and advancement as a creative work in the field of design.