Compose a 2000 words assignment on the relationship between beam plus and normal office building. Needs to be plagiarism free! Virtue incorporates many ethical values hence it is a pillar in any successful firm. In fact, most organizations maintain high standards of ethics in society to remain relevant and to enhance the organization’s going concerned. Ethical compliance organizational and financial prowess often propels organizations to great heights in business performance. This will help in the achievement of the goals. the returns of the firm’s increase and the shareholder wealth will be created with ease. According to Allen (2012, 53), building design influences many factors, which determine the competitive range of a particular contract. These factors include corporate social responsibility, service quality, and high revenue, low cost of reduction, efficiency, customization of services, strategic operation management, and free trade. Corporate social responsibility gives a competitive edge to the concerned firms over their rivals. This enables them to broaden their market niche and influence hence high revenue and profit margins. The compliance to fairness, justice, and integrity during project building design depends on the leaders holding the whims of power. All stakeholders focus on the actions and demeanor of their leader.