Compose a 2000 words assignment on the organizational management strategies in ibm. Needs to be plagiarism free! A good leader is the one who tends to switch automatically between required styles in accordance with the motivated group members. Planning plays a very significant role in the achievement of organizational goals as a pre-statement of the systematic operational process. Thus, organizational management emphasizes fine management of the procedures to manufacture and distribute products and services through the systematic implementation of operational processes planned, the motivation of the workforce and other relevant areas related to the realization of the determined goal. The main motto of organizational management is to make the working environment interesting, challenging, motivating and productive on the whole. The structure and pattern of communications within an organization also have an important influence on the correctness of decisions, accelerating the speed, the efficiency of their arrival and upon the overall accuracy. The pattern of communication is decided with respect to the organizational size (Ritson & Marsden, 2003).&nbsp.&nbsp.