Compose a 2250 words assignment on mother teresas style of leadership. Needs to be plagiarism free! According to the study&nbsp.by the time Mother Teresa started her missionary work, she had little money in her hand, but she proved to the entire world that a person can achieve anything and flourish in&nbsp.this world without money. Mother Teresa taught individuals that being wealthy does not necessarily mean everything. She proved to all that it is possible to prosper without money. Mother Teresa created a world full of love where the disadvantaged are cared for and showered with unconditional love. Mother Teresa was so caring to the extent that she used to beg others to give her food so that she can provide the orphan children dying of hunger with something to eat. Some of these individuals had no mercy on her and spit on her hand when begging but she would respond calmly that she would continue keeping the spit for herself and continue begging them to provide food for the poor and orphaned children. In addition, at the end, they realized her gentle character and donated something for the poor whenever she asked for. This shows her magnanimity, which is one of the best leadership qualities she possessed.