Compose a 250 words assignment on dark side of youth sports. Needs to be plagiarism free! The issues that the program is likely to face include: firstly, insufficient funds to carry out all the obligations. Being a new program, we are not likely to get sponsors. I will address the problem by organizing fundraising events to ensure that we get enough funds. I will also look for charity organizations that can support us however small. Secondly, the program is likely to have poor reception (strong opposition) in the area because many parents prefer curricular activities (Murphy, 2011). I will carry out awareness programs aimed at educating parents on the benefits of co-curricular activities. This will make the parents to allow their children to join the program. I will also encourage my students to balance between athletics and classwork to ensure that they excel in both. Finally, we are likely to be faced with youth sports violence. For instance, some parents being unhappy about unfair treatment their children receive and hence verbally abusing the coach (Murphy, 2011). I will ensure that equity and equality is observed all the time and also that all complaints are listened to and addressed fully. Such parents will be made to understand the role youth sports play in the society and not viewing them as just games of kids.