Compose a 250 words assignment on tommy hilfiger the struggles of an american fashion icon. Needs to be plagiarism free! Tommy Hilfiger Case Analysis al Affiliation: Tommy Hilfiger Case Analysis The Tommy Hilfiger brand became popular in the 1990sdue to several major factors. First, Hilfiger had accumulated enough experience over the years to give customers whatever they wanted. Secondly, the brand introduced many different lines of clothes and shoes during the same period. Thirdly, Hilfiger won several awards in the fashion that served to advertise his brand as evidenced by its popularity among men of repute such as Prince Charles. Lastly, the 1990s was the period of the rise of hip-hop music. As one of the most favored brands by hip-hop musicians, Tommy Hilfiger grew with the music genre (Hilfiger 1997, p. 37).