Compose a 250 words assignment on the story of the phoenix mine in colorado. Needs to be plagiarism free! The drive to Idaho springs took about 30 minutes. We were surprised at how effortless it was to arrive at the place. Without mountain ridges to cross, Idaho Springs was a perfect half day tour for us since we wanted to have a taste of actual Colorado mountain society. Made wealthy by gold and still rich with history, Idaho Springs is a significant site for anybody visiting Colorado. We discovered that Arapaho and Ute Indians normally use the hot springs for their curing powers (Burg, Earl, Rich and David 2010). The next visit was to the Lucky rock. We traveled for thirty miles west of Denver. We discovered that the Lucky rock is a narrow, steep and technical mountain, which is fun and challenging (Zschau, Gries, Ameron, Zambrano and Nash 2009). With more convenience and minimal congestion, Lucky rock is an ideal place for educational and leisure trips. The site provides a white fall for advanced, intermediate and beginner abilities.