This paper identifies a set of closely related endogenous and exogenous variables affecting the dynamic growth of the business organization in particular and the freight forwarding industry in general in Hong Kong against the evolving backdrop of competition related training & development (T&D) needs, methods, training manager’s role, organizational issues and HRM problems. This literature review particularly identifies three learning related outcomes – the modern HRM practices and issues related to the current upsurge of big business organizations. competition related corporate strategy and HRM compulsions. and the ever increasing organizational focus on strategic training and development of skills. Thus this dissertation finally draws a few positive and negative correlations between and among HRD/HRM related variables including the proposition that modern HRD/HRM practices and policies are highly characterized by the leader’s desire to constantly upgrade employees’ skills. Thus the paper partially focuses on the general trends related HRM practices and policies in the freight forwarding industry in Hong Kong with a view to developing a competency model for client/customer satisfaction.