Create a 1 page page paper that discusses in your role as a business psychology student, you are likely to work and study with people from many backgrounds. tell us what will be some of the challenges for you studying with people different from yourself, and what y. Answer Challenges which I expect to face while studying with people from different backgrounds are primarily related to adjustment, both physical andmental. Most probably, I shall have to live in the hostel while taking the course since my home is miles away from the college. For that, I shall either have to live in the college hostel or hire an apartment on my own. In either case, I am most likely to have a room-mate who would share the rent and accommodation expenses with me. I hope my room-mate does not smoke or drink alcohol because I have always stayed away from these and would always like to! I might have to learn sleeping with the lights turned on, or picking chocolate wrappers from the floor thrown by my room-mate. These are few of many things that an individual has to live with when the accommodation has to be shared. On the other hand, interacting and making mental adjustment with the class fellows is no less than a project for a new comer. People differ in their natures, styles, attitudes and opinions. I shall have to listen to them and while saying my personal opinion, I shall have to make sure that I offend nobody. Old guys try to indulge new comers into controversies, which pulls the new comers into trouble. I shall have to establish my limits and be sure not to cross them. Interaction and socialization are basically elements of group process. I shall have to maintain my individuality while cooperating and working with others in the group. Thus, I shall have to face challenges of all sorts.