Create a 1 page page paper that discusses the government is obliged to consider the interest of the public. Although Domat means God by the sovereign in the first place, yet he extends the definition of the sovereign to the government arguing that since an individual has been given the power to rule over people by God Himself so that individual becomes a god and thus becomes sovereign also. He asserts that since God is the natural sovereign of all mankind, people that govern essentially derive their power to rule from God. Since God has made them rulers, it is their responsibility to represent God in their activities and functions. This imparts the need not only for the government to make all laws and pass all orders in due compliance with the teachings of God but also for the people to abide by those laws and live in due compliance with them as any kind of violation would mean a direct violation of the rules established by God. The government is obliged to consider the interest of the public more important than its own interests.