&nbsp.Even though ammonia is a molecule made of methane, it should be noted that it is suitable for housing the clathrate hydrate cages. There are, however, issues that may bar ammonia from being used as an ideal guest for the clathrate hydrate cages, such as the assumption that guests need to hydrophobic for them to be combined into the clathrate. It has been previously observed that many stoichiometric non-clathrate stages of water and ammonia are obtained when it cools in the aqueous solution of ammonia. Initial experimental work regarding the linkage of water and ammonia and water. Ammonia and methane showed evidence of ammonia enculturation. Still, when keenly analyzed again, the high pressure of the ammonia monohydrate and low pressure of the ammonia dehydrate reveal the presence of standard structural features with semi-clathrate structures and canonical clathrate (Heriot-Watt 113).