Create a 17 pages page paper that discusses whether the current rules, for admitting expert evidence in criminal proceedings, are too laissez-faire. There are three criteria in which the judge is allowed to admit evidence from an expert. The first criteria state that “When the court needs any assistance from an expert. the expert’s evidence must deal with something” (McKie, 2012). This is so because, without instructions or advice from an expert, the court may be unable to reach a sound conclusion as to the subject matter” (McKie, 2012). The second criteria concern the fact that “the expert witness must have sufficient understanding of the theory and practice of the subject question” (McKie, 2012). Moreover, the last criteria check the possibility of substantial evidence proposed in the expert’s reports being reliable. This issues a directive that all forensic experts must be part of a registered body of science. The expert should have extended experience in the field. They should also have a good reputation and acknowledgment in the field to guarantee justice in an opinion offered (Procedures for the Evidence Act, 1999).