While social network sites are aimed at networking and being in touch with relatives and friends, the bottom line is that social networking is highly famous and it is a big business today. Unluckily, scam artists, child molesters, and sexual predators have noticed that these sites can also be exploited to find victims. MySpace is one of the sites where predator is a big problem. MySpace is a social networking site just like facebook. However, there have been numerous cases of sexual predators and child molesters posing as children to network with young victims on MySpace (Zilney & Zilney, 2009). Recently, MySpace was also discovered to be compromised by attackers spreading malware on exploited profile sites. These have led to MySpace taking steps and implementing security measures to minimize this problem though users are still supposed to be cautious and aware. Predators were therefore a big problem to MySpace not only because it led to increased cases of sexual assaults but also death cases were on high rate.