DeSanto also undertakes to try and normalize some gruesome incidents in the story and describes how after Lord Invader had attacked and mauled the ear of one of the neighborhood boys while he was busy playing a game of basketball, Dédé had proceeded to beat him out there in the street before leading the dog home. When the boy’s father had turned up at the house, he had insisted on having the dog killed and on his threatening the Dédé’s family, Dédé had agreed to kill the dog. Dédé had then slit the dog’s throat during a brief ceremony that had commenced with Matman whispering a Haitian death song that quickly turned into howls. After slitting the dog’s throat Dédé had proceeded to give it a brief eulogy by whispering “Lawd Invader. I loved you” (DeSanto 2012). By the delivery of the somewhat ordinary eulogy after Dédé’s character had conducted a bizarre ceremony in which he killed his dog, DeSanto is seen to engage in an attempt where he tries to normalize a gruesome event in which a dog is butchered in a bizarre ceremony. The normalization of the bizarre is also seen to be employed by DeSanto in his narration of how John took off all his clothes and ran around the neighborhood while only wearing a bone necklace and then proceeded to dig up the remnants of Lord Invader in the rain (DeSanto 2012). The humming of a normal tune is seen to lend an aspect of normalization to a bizarre incident in which John is seen to stand and close his eyes among the remains of Lord Invader.