The most prominent ideologies in this show are that individuals can have different sexual orientations and personal beliefs, yet they can be able to form a harmonious family despite the strain that this family might have on its members (Pascoe 125). The ability of family members to accept each other as they are is highly commendable and can be considered to be a form of a radical feminist perspective. The latter perspective is the perception of all individuals in society as being equal despite their backgrounds and their way of life and this makes it possible for the acceptance of the modern family as it is. The gay couple in the show is depicted to be adopting a Vietnamese infant who they raise as their own and they are shown to undergo essentially the same problems that heterosexual parents experience on a daily basis when raising their children (Landau 80). Therefore, the belief that same-sex couples are not capable of being proper parents for children is not necessarily true because, in Modern Family, the gay couple has to deal with issues concerning the child in the present. They have to deal with issues of the child’s future because, despite all the arguments that have been made against it, same-sex marriage and parenting have become the reality in the United States and most of the western world.