Plato’s text takes the form of a dialogue between the philosopher Socrates and some other men who have gathered around to learn from this great teacher. This dialogue format is a teaching technique in which the teacher, leads a discussion about a particular theme, and the students discuss this in a question and answer format. In this dialogue, Timaeus does most of the talking and relates some tales he has heard from others for the benefit of his colleagues. This genre is popular in the discipline of philosophy because it allows students at an advanced level of study in Athens to propose theories and counter theories in order to understand difficult ideas. The concept of human reason was very important, and students of Socrates were expected to work out things for themselves by arguing from point to point in a logical way. Critias wants to tell a story involving the city of Athens, but he tells Socrates that before this story is told, Timaeus, who has studied astronomy and knows about the nature of the universe, will start off the narrative from&nbsp.the very beginning.