In his poem, Whitman makes sure to include the people of all genders and age groups. He mentions men and boys, women and girls, all of whom are busy with their own jobs. There is “the carpenter singing”, “the (ploughboy) on his way in the morning”, “the young wife at work” and “the girl sewing or washing” and they are all “singing what belongs to him or her and to none else” (Whitman 33). America is huge and consists of thousands of people who are different in their own way. Dividing them in such a manner only seems to give a sense of uniformity. It shows that no matter what the age and sex of the person, everyone is important because of the contributions that they make to the society. They are all responsible for the condition of the country for they are the ones who run it. Separately, they do their own jobs but put together, they help in the development of the country.