The ethical position of an embryo is a contentious and complicated subject. It is considered to contain complete ethical status on or after fertilization until the end (Huarte and Antoine 32). however, it is considered either a person at its embryo position or a prospective person. However, the criterion for ‘personhood’ is not clear and has been defined differently by different scholars. On one hand, they argue that the maturity from a fertilized egg into a baby is a continual procedure and every effort to identify at what time personhood commences is changeable. According to these scholars, a human embryo is a person in the embryonic phase, as an infant is a person in the infant phase. Even if an embryo does not contain the features of a person at this point, it will develop to be a person at the end thus it ought to be granted the revere and dignity of a person (Masters, Bernhard, and James 3).