Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses impact of mind-altering substances. Drugs have varied impacts on members of the community, which may both be positive or negative in nature when prescribed or abused respectively. The psychoactive drugs also impose serious health risks to the society and may lead to forms of disability or death on the persons that use them (Julien, 2005). Other health effects of psychoactive drugs apart from causing pleasure and pain include diseases affecting mainly the liver and the lungs, normal accidents, suicides and general assault. The impacts also affect the social welfare of a person including arrests, break up of relationships and general neglect of family and work-related duties. Psychoactive drugs may include depressants, which affect the central nervous system making them decrease the person’s awareness, coordination as well as their consciousness. It also includes stimulants, which affect the central nervous system by increasing alertness or activity, and hallucinogens which distort perceptions and subjective awareness.