Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses information technology: cloud computing. Cloud computing is a popular alternative to traditional software licensing. Cloud users access computing through computers, smartphones, and tablets. Clouds can be public, private, community or hybrid. A public cloud supplies services to any internet user. It is available to the general public. Examples include IBM Smart Cloud and Google App Engine. A private cloud provides services to a limited number of users, like sole organizations. Examples include Eucalyptus and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. A community cloud is shared among several organizations with common concerns, for instance, Microsoft Government Community Cloud. A hybrid cloud consists of two or more private, public or community clouds. An example is Windows Azure (Buyya et al., 2009). In a cloud computing system, running applications are shifted from the local computers to the cloud’s network. Cloud computing delivers three categories of services which include, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service model. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables the users to access, start and stop and configure virtual servers and storage. The users only pay for the capacity that they need. The cloud service users install and maintain operating systems and application software. Platform as a Service (PaaS) refers to applications hosted over the internet on the infrastructure of the provider. The cloud service providers provide a platform with a web server, operating system, database, and programming language execution environment. Software solutions can be run on the platform without incurring the costs of purchasing and managing hardware and software. In the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the service provider supplies the software and hardware. Both the application and data are hosted by the service provider and therefore, the user can access the service from everywhere. The cloud users also do not have to install and run the application on their computers and therefore, support and maintenance are made easier (Gillam, 2010).