The system has software such as mandarin oasis that permits access to library resources through any computer having an internet connection. The simple interface is easier to understand, and the features and appearances can be tailored for each library. Optional services and modules offered by the system allow libraries to customize to meet the needs of the consumers. The system also supports Unicode, which allows the users and librarians to catalog and search their language and collections. Oasis can help save time and lower costs of one-point installation, updates, and maintenance. Another feature possessed by the system is the Mandarin M3 core module that offers sophisticated and powerful features. In cases where the user has one or more multiple libraries and the collections numbers over a thousand, the module often performs advanced functionality with the ease of economic installation and economics (Library Automation: A year on, 2007). Optional add-on modules extend the system’s functionality to meet the need of a library and its users. The Mandarin M3 core system has various modules, such as the Windows OPAC, circulations, cataloging, inventory report tools, and group editor.