“It’s better to have the world united than the world divided, but it is better to have the world divided than the world destroyed,” said Mr. Winston Churchill at the time of the II World War. This statement came at a time when the destructive power of the war-weaponry was limited. Nuclear weapons were introduced for the first time, and such an arsenal was within the command of just one power, the USA. During the last five decades, the scenario has completely changed. Nuclear control rooms exist in several countries and such a war would be controlled by buttons and probably last for some minutes. Perhaps none will survive to do a report in from the war fronts. The mighty establishments of press and electronic media would have been converted into burning charcoal! Enough encroachments have been done by man on the domain of nature! When it strikes back, it will see that there is no necessity to strike again. By creating the arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, man is jubilant that he has conquered Nature! Nature will have the last laugh and ask the final question—why did you do this? Even the statesman of the caliber of John F.