Marxist international relations theory entails the ideas which dispute the realist or liberal perception of state cooperation and conflict. It instead focuses on material or economic aspects. These theories strive to reveal how economics is more significant than the other concerns. hence, it focuses more on class aspects (Fanon, 2003). Marxist theories are very influential in the social and political issues of South-Eastern Asia, Latin America, Africa, and some areas of Europe like Italy, France, and Greece. However, the theory receives inadequate attention in the USA due to insignificant influence in mainstream politics, even for democratic socialists’ political parties. Realists together with the liberals, criticize the Marxist theories due to consequentiality and also ideological reasons. Post positivists do not agree with the significance of class conflicts for Marxists. as the key human life aspect, and the approach to understanding human behavior and history (Gregory, 2009).