Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses precious as a about child abuse. The child then wakes up with reality at home. She is beaten by her mom physically while she does the chores and cooking at home. One night, her principal at school visited her and seeks to speak with her mom. The principal, Mrs Lichenstein, talks to her mom about Precious going to an alternative school Each One, Teach One, where, she thinks that Precious would get better learning. Mary, extremely aghast at the suggestion of the principal, beat Precious as soon as the principal left. She blamed Precious for her miserable life, adding accusation of stealing her lover (Precious father) when he raped her child in her presence. She verbally oppresses Precious with negative words such as fat, ugly, undesirable and that school will do her no good. She doesn’t want Precious to go that new school in fear that it would jeopardize the welfare checks coming from the government as she pretends to be a good but jobless mom in front of the Social Welfare.