Go to the Weblink in Modules and click on Module 5 arthritis videos or go to the Arthritis Foundation website section on exercise at http://www.arthritis.org   (Links to an external site.). Click on the section called Living with Arthritis. Select Exercise and go through the videos: 2- Minute, Core, Stretching, Upper Body, Lower Body, Weight-Bearing, and Tai Chi.   Discuss and give examples of what you learned and experienced by doing the arthritis exercises. Including a range of motion and endurance in your answer. Demonstrate your depth of knowledge and add your opinion to the topic. Feel free to bring in content from the textbook chapter or additional websites. (15 points, 10 points for discussing the topic as described above, 5 points for class participation by reading other student posts and posting at least 2 comments that add to the knowledge posted by another student).