If one was not given an option to choose, but instead, was assigned to take the position, to prevent a situation similar to what happened, as an executive, one should be carefully apprised of cultural, as well as legal norms and standards. One must be very careful and vigilant in dealing with other stakeholders and ensure that all transactions adhere to the ethical, moral, and legal codes of conducts expected of one’s position in the local environment. Therefore, to do this, I would orient myself on cultural norms that pertain to business practices, philosophies and procedures. as well as in the way that foreign investors, executives and managers deal with various stakeholders. I would also be prepared to be knowledgeable on business laws and regulations, particularly those that pertain to sensitive areas that could endanger my professional competence and capabilities to implement organizational strategies. Finally, I will be very careful in dealing with other stakeholders, especially officials from the Chinese Steel Industry and ensure transparency, honesty and integrity in all undertakings, with due support and validations of all correspondences, as required.