The Al Mansouri tribe is distinguished among others in respect that it serves as the ancestor of many other tribes scattered all over Arab. As it may also be considered as an ancestral tribe, so the stories associated with this tribe and circulating in the surrounding also appear to exist in a staggering number. There is one literature story that the tribe or group was awarded the name or title of Mountain because of the fact that it had won multiple wars very bravely in ancient times and faced many difficult times very fearlessly. Now, the main areas where they are seen residing in the majority include Abu Dhabi Emirate and Dubai Emirate. In each of these emirates, they are seen residing in minority and in small groups. This is because Al Mansouri is not a very large tribe and presently no more than some 2000 men are included in these groups, as already mentioned. Now, when even this much small group is divided into still smaller subgroups residing in different emirates then these subgroups are out shadowed by other communities that have so many people. Most of the stories or literature about this tribe also has its roots in ancient times and no recent historical documents are available to be read about Manaseer and their whereabouts. That is why it becomes difficult to differentiate between valid and invalid stories.