The program ‘A Current Affair’ is a public and current affairs program that covers the most current public affairs that are of great interest for Australians and Australia. Presently, the show is hosted by Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair). The program is broadcasted on the Nine Networks TV on the weeknights. Since its first broadcast in 1971, ‘A Current Affair’ has recorded remarkable success. However, it should be noted that it was canceled in 1978 after it was faced with strong competition from other programs that aired at the same time-7.00 pm (Blundell). The program was revived in 1988 and has gradually grown to be one of the most popular television programs in Australia. According to the Australian TV ratings in 2008, the program had achieved about 1,130,000 viewers, coming second after ‘Today Tonight’ which had achieved about 1,380,000 viewers (ODonnell 266). So, what elements have come together to make the program successful?