Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Comparing between Chinese Monster and American Monster. It needs to be at least 2250 words. Chinese holds the Spring Festival to commemorate Nian Monster. Besides, they consider the Spring Festival as the grandest, most magnificent festival in the history of the country’s culture. On the other hand, Momo the Missouri Monster is a hairy, foul-smelling monster. According to Taylor (130), Momo, in the simple term refers to Bigfoot. It was first reported in 1971 and identified to live in Missouri. Since that time, the monster has been spotted up and down the Mississippi river. In the first scenario, two picnickers asserted that they saw the monster come out of the woods nearby. The foul-smelling creature allegedly ate their food while they locked themselves inside the car. In the second scenario, local children (Doris, Wally and Terry) reportedly saw Momo walk regally past them hauling a dead dog. The fundamental differences between the two legends, Nian and Momo, highlight the deep-seated cultural variation and beliefs between Chinese and Americans. In this regard, this paper tries to compare the existence of Nian vs. Momo the Missouri Monster and their importance to Chinese and American cultures respectively.