Before coming into the Oncology Ward, I thought that our unit, ITU is the busiest unit in the hospital, but when I saw the Oncology Ward, I felt that they are also very busy in their sense of the term. This unit houses 25 beds arranged in one row with open nursing stations. There are closed cabins also, but they are used for clinical oncology nurse specialists. There was the dining room, a kitchen, a recreation room, and a small library. The nursing stations were open, no separate drug administration room, and a room dedicated to counseling. The staff told me that the patients in these beds are suffering from different cancers, some of them are receiving continuous chemotherapy, and some are recovering from intensive treatment. Since this is a district hospital, these beds were shared with Haematological Oncology. Three other important observations in this unit were a dedicated pharmacy area where chemotherapy regimens are formulated, preparation area where chemotherapy drugs were prepared (Bond and Raehl, 2007), and a dedicated information technology room that utilizes a computer program to calculate dose and formulate drugs so an error is eliminated. They have a two-bedded laminar flow unit and a one-bedded isolation unit for&nbsp.patients needing infection precautions and isolation respectively.&nbsp.