Its development has been gradual. Prior to attaining global significance, early modern participation in the sport was a throw from an inclined pedestal and employed an exaggerated style copied from the old representation of the event. The throw was done from a 7-foot circle. It was until 1928 that the circle was adjusted to the measurements used in the modern sporting events. In addition, the modern sport is divided into the men and women categories. The two divisions differentiate in the weight and size of the discus used. The disc has a diameter of 8.16 inches. The thickness should be 1.75 inches (Hay& Yu, 1995). The discus is made of wood or a material with similar properties. The outside of the discus is created with metal rims and small brass plated on its sides. The weight of the discus must exceed 2 kg. In 1928, the sport was included in the women’s track and field events. However, a small discus was used for women. The discus weighed 2 pounds 3.2 ounce (1kg). It measures 7.1 inches (Hay& Yu, 1995).