Pakistan has received a ranking as one of the countries with the lowest levels of education, and with a high gender disparity level in both school enrolment and retention of girls. The country has an overwhelming 27 million school-age children who have no access to education. The country has an unacceptably low investment in the education sector. Moreover, political unrest and militancy have served to destroy many educational facilities in the region (Tanveer,2013).TheUnited Nations has identified the country as one of its targets in setting up new education strategies (UNESCO, 2012). With the realization that society is lagging behind in so many aspects, education remains to be the only tool that can change the dwindled society for better. The fact that multiple organizations from the international community have offered the country with funds to improve their welfare to no avail. it becomes evident that the only viable solution is the promotion of education (Sen, 2012).