The innovators of the magazine are in New York where they focus on style, fashion, and beauty. The most noted creation of the magazine staff is the online version that helped with articles from the past along with fashion sessions such as catwalk, style, and beauty. In addition, a popular and captivating feature of the magazine is the discussion forum and the chance of subscribing to the newsletter and email notification. The sited form an amazing style guide of the insider with a worldly outlook, which offers inspiration and leisurely convenience. The magazine also displays affordable clothing of the designers along with high rated articles that are quite interesting and informative. The magazine has also updated book reviews, art, and CD for their issue. The subscribers tend to exclaim on the layout of the magazine and the quality of the paper stock and paper cover rave on the discussion forums. The magazine is amazing in giving their leaders in the information of the latest trends of pop culture both abroad and in the United States while roaming from the present mainstream culture (“Cover to cover: magazine analysis”, 6).