Through social media, students have more access to a lot of information than they did before. Social media encourage students to interact and engage actively with classroom material. it helps them to learn and develop new ways that they were not able to in the past. Students are up-to-date with new technology and usually spend a lot of time on social media sites online. Therefore, integrating and allowing or enabling students to utilize social media in the classroom plays to their interests and skill and allows them to be more responsive and engaged during class time. Further, social media also create student online communities where students can converse with one other and access important information about the class outside the class. For instance, a teacher or instructor can create a Facebook, Whatsapp or a Twitter group for his or her class, or for subsets such as lab groups or study groups. Such social media groups enable for easy communication and interaction between students among the students themselves and teachers as well as (Renfro, 2011). A class or study group on Facebook is a way that students can be able to ask questions on topics and issue that they do not comprehend in class. Additionally, it is a method which students can share information and their knowledge amongst themselves.&nbsp.