Mobile technology taunted to radicalize the dispensation of government services in the sultanate of Oman. It is also expected to affect e-government service delivery positively, as well. M-Government information has allowed effective service delivery in Oman. E-government and m-government services have been popularized primarily in third world countries as a way of advancing technology. Many research studies have investigated how the government and the Sultanate people are adopting m-government services. Indeed, existing literature has explored more in-depth into the popularity of m-government applications and services. This is a result of government effectiveness in the provision of better and good services. However, there is little evidence on the government’s investment in them-government through the exploration of feasibility and viability of mobile government in the sultanate of Oman, to find out if there is a need to comprehend the underlying concepts, mobile computing, and mobile governance and determine its impact on Oman government. This is the quest by the government of the sultanate of Oman to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. M-government entails a strategy and carrying out government services via a mobile mode to its users who happen to be citizens and government civil servants.