Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Gender And Family Health. It needs to be at least 3250 words. This study “Gender And Family Health” involves two main things: 1/ the reaction of the public towards the health issues and 2/ the effect of the public health programs and policies in the society that is covered by a particular community or gender who come under the health issue. To understand the ethical and social perspectives of the health problems it is also necessary to study the sexual behavior, diet practices and quality of the hygienic conditions in which they live etc. Ethics are set of moral standards that affect our conduct in the social atmosphere. Ethics helps in shaping different parts of the society. It also involves the combined decisions of a group or community of people to determine the future of the society. Ethics also decides the discussion of worldwide issues in the cultural background by a certain group of people. The argument that how ethical perspectives affect the health outcomes depends on health care, clinical and research care and public health issues. The reaction of the members of the society demonstrates the ethics of health in the society. Our present society now faces common problems and health issues in every part of the world, such as old age, HIV aids, obesity, diabetes, etc. Of course, the intensity of these issues differs according to the type of ethical and cultural background in which the people live. The ethics might also influence the matters related to health if a group or community of people in a society combines to make decisions for its future.