When arriving in USA with the mother and the siblings, Hilda Polacheck experienced the problem of gaining access to the American social system. Hilda narrates how the immigration officers in America confined her family and immigrants in a camp with deplorable conditions. The reason for the treatment was to prevent entry of people who become a public charge, and burden the government. The American authority of the time only allowed entry to immigrants who could support themselves. This experience by Hilda Polacheck helps us understand the history and significant of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 2008. A clause in the Act prohibits issue of citizenship to immigrants who can become a burden to the public. 1The immigration officials have the responsibilities to examine skills, financial resources, physical abilities, health status and education of the immigrants before allowing entry into the country. During the historic America, there was a belief that poor immigrants would flood the country with anticipation to enjoy the economic prosperity.