The first aspect that the director needs to consider is the groups that he needs to contact in order to instill confidence in his office and in the people that his office has everything handled while at the same time give the necessary information to the people to prevent the escalation of the crisis. First, it is important for the director to contact a medical expert who is conversant with the biological agent and its effects on the people, animals, and even plants using the water. A medical expert is important in communicating the risks that are associated with the biological agent in the water and what dangers are posed once a human or animal is exposed to the water. It is important to inform the people whether the water is only unusable for drinking or it can also affect the skin while washing or taking a bath. The medical expert, therefore, offers very informative information to the people and ensures that they have the knowledge of what to do and how to handle the crisis. The information also ensures that people do not start creating their own myths and unsubstantiated information about the crisis. It is also important to contact experts on the biological agent affecting the water and plumbers and other people who have knowledge of the water supply in the area.