We all wish to live in a wonderful perfect family with a strong mother figure. In chapter 7 Peter had saved the life of the Redskins who referred to him as “The great white father”.” Secretly Wendy sympathized with them a little but she was far too loyal a housewife to listen to any complaints against father. “Father knows best”, she always said…” Peter Pan served as a father figure to two groups, the set of Indians and the lost boys. He would never admit it as “it was only in Peters absence that the lost boys could speak of mothers” (chapter 2) In chapter 6, the Little House, the lost boys “went on their knees, and holding out their arms cried, “Oh Wendy lady, be our Mother.” “There was a step above, and Wendy, you may be sure was the first to recognize it. “Children, I hear your fathers step. He likes you to meet him at the door.” At end of the chapter, “Dear Peter, with such a large family, of course, I have now passed by best, but you don’t want to change me do you?” “No Wendy… I was just thinking, it is only make-believe, isn’t it, that I am their father. It would make me so old to be their real father.” Wendy then asks.”Peter what are your feelings for me? ” “Those of a devoted son”. The purpose was to illustrate the use of the imagination to nurture children who don’t have the love of a mother and father figure. Peter Pan and Wendy formed a surrogate family for a short while. A wonderful transition from the imagination of nurture to the imagination of nature is the use of the clock.